August 2013

Achieving Excellence is Easy – Tom Peters Quote

by Quote Bubble on August 14, 2013

tom peters quote excellence

I have a book by Tom Peters – it’s called The Pursuit of WOW!

He gets straight to the point in the first couple of pages when he talks about what it is to be world-class.

I’ve taken a massive liberty in changing the actual quote from, “How long does it take you as a boss, to achieve world-class quality? Less than a nanosecond to attain it, a lifetime of passionate pursuit to maintain it.”  – to – “Achieving excellence is easy. It takes just a nanosecond to achieve it … but it takes a lifetime of passionate pursuit to maintain it.”

It’s a quote from a business book but it applies to other things in life too, like parenting or exercising.

I think it applies not just to our actions but also to our decisions.

So what would it take for me to be a world-class dieter right now as battle to shed another 10 lbs but find myself tempted by the delicious chocolate cake?

What would it take for me to become a world-class parent when my children are misbehaving and I’m at my wits end?

I guess it just takes that one moment where you detach yourself from the situation long enough to decide to be excellent.

Easy to say, not so easy to do.

It’s a good place to begin though, don’t you agree?